Have Your Dream Wedding Ceremony in Phuket

Weddings are some of the most anticipated occasions being celebrated worldwide. Weddings are momentous events because they signify the coming together of two individuals who commit to share their lives together for eternity. Getting married in Thailand is a very popular way to tie the knot, especially for foreigners who dream of having a wedding ceremony in an exotic place. Phuket is definitely one of Thailand’s favorite wedding destinations. The island will surely take your breath away with its natural beauty and white sand beaches. A Phuket wedding is recommended for couples who want a beach wedding and something that won’t dig a hole on their pockets. Phuket weddings are considered to be some of the most affordable destination weddings available, so if you are on a budget, then definitely consider the island as your wedding destination.

Planning a Phuket wedding is the same as planning for a wedding in a tropical destination. Here’s how to make your wedding a blast.

Plan ahead.

phuket weddings

Getting married in Thailand

The moment you decided you are interested in Phuket weddings is the time to start the planning. Remember that you won’t be getting married locally, so there are additional details that you have to consider. You need to clear your schedule, determine who to invite and not to invite, get a ticket, and work with strangers. Make sure that you have enough time to attend to every detail that matters to you. Start planning as early as you can.

Get to know the island.

Phuket is more than just beaches. It is an island of incomparable beauty and is one of Thailand’s wedding capitals. When choosing a destination where to tie the knot, it is very important that you absolutely like the place—-its culture, the weather, the food, and the way they do weddings locally. Thailand weddings are often held in Phuket because the setting is romantic, picturesque, and is honeymoon ready. Phuket is for the beach lovers and those who just fancy getting married someplace warm and exciting.

Consider the weather.

The climate of Phuket can be described as a typical two-weather climate. It has a wet and dry season and the normal temperature is above the average. Since the place is warm, you need to think what you are going to wear on your wedding day. The same is true for your guests. The dress code is usually more lenient, especially for beach Phuket weddings.

beach weddings in Phuket

beach weddings in Phuket

Get an estimate of your guest list.

When planning for Thailand weddings—be it in Phuket, Bangkok, or in Samui—-among the primary considerations is the number of guest. Most couples find it hard to finalize the guest list, as there are many factors to consider as to who to invite and who to leave out of the list. If you can’t conclude your list right away, at least have an estimate. A not-so-rough estimate can help a lot in planning for other wedding stuff such as the venue, the budget, and the invitations. The guest list will also be needed in choosing the kind of Phuket wedding packages that you can avail of.

Find a local wedding planner.

Getting married in Thailand for foreigner couples can be made so much easier with the help of a wedding planner. You won’t actually know the kind of stress that goes into the planning of even a simple wedding, unless it IS actually your wedding. It’s not easy, even more so if you’re not a local. A reliable wedding coordinator can help you maintain your composure, even during the most stressful periods before the BIG day.

Double check everything days before the wedding.

Before you leave for Phuket, you need to make sure that you have your documents ready. Obviously, you need to check first with your embassy a few days before the ceremony,so make sure that your schedule can allow that. Phuket weddings generally proceed with ease, as long as you have the necessary requirements with you. Also, make sure that you and your guests are ready for the rehearsal, if there is any.

Celebrate the local culture.

weddings in phuket

weddings in Thailand

Weddings in Phuket can be made more special if the couple finds some ways to include the local culture on their wedding. You can start with the ceremony. A traditional Thai wedding is a reflection of the local’s culture and religion. If your religious institution will allow it and you are open to new things, then you can try a Buddhist style wedding. Or you can try more subtle ways of adding something Thai to your big day. You can serve Thai cuisine at the reception, carry a bouquet of Thai flowers during the ceremony, and get local crafts as wedding favors.

Take advantage of the scenery to get rid of your wedding related stress and worries.

The fun thing about getting married in Thailand, especially in Phuket, is that the scenery is so good that you’d instantly feel invigorated just by the mere sight of it. Before the wedding, visit the beach, check out some of Phuket’s restaurants, learn how to cook Thai, and get a spa treatment. You can also shop for souvenirs to take with you when you return home.

Book a wedding villa for you and your guests.

When you choose among Phuket wedding packages, don’t forget your accommodations. While all of you can stay at a hotel after the celebration, it is a lot more practical to find a place that you can use not only for the wedding, but also for your honeymoon and post-wedding stay. It would be so much fun if you can spend some few more days with your guests after the wedding. Ask your wedding planner to give you a list of possible wedding villas you may book.

Look forward to your Phuket wedding.

Amidst all the planning worries, take some time to have positive expectations for your wedding. Magazines and wedding sites will always say that something is bound to go wrong. Probably, but no matter what that is, they are not as relevant as the fact that you are getting married. Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep the vibe positive. Know that Phuket weddings are some of the best in the world, so don’t worry.